Why Summer Is a Great Time To Start Braces

Why Summer Is a Great Time To Start Braces
Posted on 07/19/2017

As your children’s orthodontist and orthodontic team, we at Denise Nguyen Orthodontics want to provide those in Vienna, VA with the utmost in orthodontic care. The orthodontic care we provide doesn’t only extend to when you’re in our office getting braces or another orthodontic treatment – we’ll be glad to be here for you throughout your entire orthodontic journey in order to make it as comfortable and convenient as possible. In fact, if you’re looking for the most convenient and hassle-free treatment possible, one of the most important things you can do lies in choosing when your treatment will be. We recommend starting it during the summer for the following reasons.

There’s Flexibility in Scheduling

Summer is here and school’s finally out. For most people, this will mean, sun, swimming, and grilling out. However, it also means more time to schedule an orthodontic appointment! We know – that may not be at the top of your summer activity list, but truthfully, students don’t always have the free time to schedule orthodontic appointments during the school year. In most cases, classes will have to be skipped in order to schedule an appointment. When you factor in follow-up visits and potential readjustments for the braces, it can be a nightmare finding the time to stop by. We recommend getting the orthodontic treatment off to a good start by scheduling during the summer.

It’s a Carefree Time of Year

The truth is that braces are going to take some getting used to in the beginning. From figuring out what foods can be eaten to deciding on the best way to perform basic oral hygiene tasks, there will be annoyances when orthodontic treatment starts off. This is another reason why summer is made for orthodontics. Summers can be lazy and – since school’s out – there’s not nearly as much elsewhere that a student needs to focus on. This will give a patient the comfort of knowing that braces won’t interfere with his or her hectic life.

A Teenager Can Have Growth Spurts

One of the biggest factors as to why orthodontic treatment is performed so much more often on adolescents is because orthodontics is most effective on patients of that age. The reason why orthodontics is so effective on them is because they’re still growing. Having said that, during the summer, teenagers and children are actually most likely to have a growth spurt. By treating a patient during a growth spurt, this will maximize the efficiency of a treatment that a children’s orthodontist can provide.

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