At Denise Nguyen Orthodontics, we’re always looking for ways to improve the orthodontic experience for our patients. When you come visit your orthodontist in Vienna, we’re able to provide some of the latest in state-of-the-art orthodontic treatments and technology to not just give our patients a more efficient treatment, but a more convenient one as well. Among the many different advanced orthodontic technologies that we offer is AcceleDent, a revolutionary new way to reduce your time spent in orthodontics.

About AcceleDent

The AcceleDent System, which was created by OrthoAccel Technologies, Inc., was created to complement an ongoing orthodontic treatment, whether it’s braces, Invisalign, or any other orthodontic appliances. With the usage of this tremendous device, a patient can actually reduce his or her treatment time in braces or aligners by up to 50 percent!

How Does AcceleDent Work?

AcceleDent works by creating microvibrations in a patient’s mouth to remodel the jawbone quicker. This remodeling, partnered with the force that’s created by the patient’s orthodontics, allows teeth to move into their optimal positions faster and will reduce the needed treatment time. With the usage of AcceleDent for just 20 minutes each day, you’ll be able to enhance your orthodontic treatment!

To use AcceleDent, you just put in the mouthpiece (which looks similar to a sports mouthguard) and bite down. Make sure to bite down hard enough so that you won’t have to hold it with your hands. You’ll then start the activator so that the device begins vibrating. It’ll pulse for the allotted 20 minutes and after it’s finished, you’ll be all set for the day!

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