RetentionAfter you visit your orthodontist in Vienna, VA and finally get to take your braces off, you may begin to feel excited and overjoyed that your orthodontic treatment is complete. Not so fast though – the orthodontic process isn’t over quite yet! After the braces have been taken off, there’s still one more critical orthodontic phase left – the retention phase. While the goal of orthodontic treatment is to move your teeth into their proper alignment, the goal of retention is to make sure that your teeth stay in their newly-obtained positions. By wearing a retainer, the surrounding structures of your teeth will be able to get used to the new positions of the teeth and form around them, keeping them in place more securely. All orthodontic patients will require retainers after their treatment and we at Denise Nguyen Orthodontics are glad to offer a few different choices of retainers for you to pick from.

Hawley (Removable) Retainers

Hawley_retainerHawley retainers are perhaps the most common types of retainers. These are removable retainers that are made with a combination of metal wires and sturdy acrylic to ensure that your teeth are kept snugly in place. This retainer is created from impressions of your teeth to guarantee that it will fit comfortably in the roof of your mouth; the acrylic framing will be used to make sure that your teeth stay in perfect position. If you’re interested, the acrylic can also be personalized to your liking with a wide variety of colors and patterns.

Essix (Clear) Retainers

essixEssix retainers are transparent, removable retainers that fit over an entire arch of teeth, much like how Invisalign’s aligners work. Like Invisalign, they don’t require any metal or wires to work. These Essix retainers have the benefit of being simple to wear and are also relatively inexpensive. These are also capable of being used for other treatments in addition to retention, including tooth movement and bridges.

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